How to use a fake ID or where to use it.


A) Good evening everyone my name is Ali and I will like to tell you about ID's
B) State Id, [[#|permit]], [[#|drivers license]] and school Id.


Main point 1
1) There are many ways to get fake Id's such as from a friend, photoshop or even calling the dmv offices.
2) It all depends how it is to be used and where would you use it.

Main point 2
1) Be carefull where to use your FAKE ID don't use it to [[#|drive a]] car knowing you will speed up and make mistakes while driving.
2) use it for smaller things such as buying a pack of Cig's or beer.

Main point 3
1) Carrying a fake Id is illegal
2) using someone else id even a friends or brother is Illegal too.


There are many different ways to get a fake Id and slowly it is becoming hard to predict if it is fake or no.