Area 51


A.Attention Getter

im here to give u guys facts on this top secret science lab

B.Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point

they have the cure for every deseas inside area 51
C.Credibility Statement

D.Relevance Statement (optional)

E.Review Main Points (optional)

II.Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)

A. Personal Observations
1. i have seen videos about what happens when u cross the line to head towards area 51
2. i have also seen videos talking about the type of things they study and find out in area 51

B.Definition of Area 51

1. this is a military science base

2. everything here is top secret only way u can go in is if u invited

C. Facts

1. this is not just a regular science lab

2.they test out animals and they have alienes captured inside of it testing them

3. scientist lives inside the base there families are not to know and if u go out and get discharged on medicall release they can kill you


A.Review Main Points (optional)


stop thinking inside the box and start thinking outside the box .