1) Introduction
2) Attention Getter- ufos are real they have been shown on tv and as myself ive seen them in person
3) Thesis Statement- .the government does not want us to know about these things
4) Credibility Statement-

  1. Body:
  2. ufos are known as an unknown flying object , this is very interesting because many people dont belivee on them and i am here to try and make u have a better understanding of it

  • Minor Side Effects

  • Major Side Effects:
  • this is not really a major side effect but the simple fact that the government is keep everything secret from us is not right
  • people have to start speaking up

  • on my speech i will show you guys videos and i will talk about ufos and how interesting they are to learn about

2. Conclusion:
- Persuade users to stop thinking that we are alone because we are really not
- Restate thesis.