A Brief History of LaGuardia Community College

I. Understanding why we came to this school.

II. Who is this Fiorello Enrico La Guardia?

III. The Founding Days of the School

IV. Statistics

V. What does it all mean?

VI. Strive For The Future!

Mellow, Gail O., and Rosemary A. Talmadge. "Creating The Resilient Community College." Change 37.3 (2005): 58-66. Academic Search Complete. Web. 1 May 2013.

Can I ask you a question?

What do Cheez-it crackers, the United States Army, The Great Depression, a Short and Chubby Italian American and 160 countries around the world have in common? good start by asking question.

They all contributed in some way to the school we are attending right now!

After gathering information from mostly LaGuardia Community College's Web-Homepage and a couple of other sources, I feel like collected knowledge should be shared with my peers. It is my belief that you should know what kind of institution is moulding you into the people you are aspiring to be.

It all began like many things in American History, during the Great Depression, this was a time when the Mafia ran rampant, alcohol and being gay was forbidden, the Harlem Renaissance was nearing its end, and Franklin Roosevelt was running for president and a 5-foot tall Fiorello Enrico La Guardia ran as an idealistic but shrewd and deterministic underdog, winning successfully multiple times for Mayor between the mid-30's and Early 40's. He eventually chose not to run any more in 1946. He was a strong supporter of President Roosevelt and lead the charge against the Mafia bosses, was critical of Adolf Hitler before his rise and safeguarded New York during a World War. He would later borrow his name to the only Two-year Community College with a name not derived from its geographic location along with the name on the Associate's Degree all of us will be acquiring one day. He is probably most famously known today as both the defender against organized crime as well as a key sponsor to the still active Norris-La Guardia Act, which has had a theatre play based on it. We should be humidly proud of our affiliation with this school and look to lengthen its History in creating new milestones.

During the 1960's student protests were everywhere and City University of New York asked "What if we made CUNY's founding principle - opening the doors of higher education to all - a reality?" The Community College Number Nine was born as an answer. It was established in one the most poorest, fastest diversifying and fastest growing areas in New York. "The college will be oriented to the needs and interests of the community in which it is located, providing cultural activities, special services, continuing education and skills training opportunities for community residents of all ages", however in focussing on that the school began to realize that

it had to find ways to strengthen its capacity to create and sustain profound change.

In 1971, the schools first President, Doctor Joseph Shenker, was only 29, and the youngest President of a Community College ever, even until today. Our Shenker Hall is actually named after this man.

In its early years the school experimented with different courses and made a work-study program, "Cooperative Education" a staple requirement for the curriculum, the first school to do so. For the first time, students will enter the career world from college with some real experience already had. Since the Early 1970's experimentation in multimedia aids has been a major asset to the school.

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  1. III. Conclusion
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Be proud to be in LaGuardia

overall the speech is good. great information on LaGuardia school. now i have more knowledge and understanding on the school i attend. supporting material is great. should be a little more organize. but overall the information is a plus.

Intro : Deffinately gains audiences attention when you brought up cheeze-its. Puzzling question, makes everyone think hard for a minute and then they want to know the answer. very good.
Body : Supporting material is very adequate and there was a very good amount of it. Slideshow was very strong as well.- good visual aid!
Conclusion: Speech ends with impact. Gives people more reasons to be proud of the school they attend.
This was an excellent speech. It was very clear, gave a lot of information, was funny yet informative. Well done! : )
Mellow, Gail O., and Rosemary A. Talmadge. "Creating The Resilient Community College." Change 37.3 (2005): 58-66. Academic Search Complete. Web. 30 Apr. 2013.