Pornography should be banned!
Pornography is an inappropriate act that should be banned. Pornography is the displaying of inappropriate sexual images which may influence young teens in a number of devastating ways; it involve children into sexual activities at their early ages and as such distracting them from their schooling, and also negatively affect the lives of women. Moreover it’s also damaging many marriages and also causes women to face negative consequences. Furthermore pornography also effect the government in a bad way because is responsible for teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and rapes. Therefore pornography should be completely abolished.
  1. Pornography has a bad effect to the children in American and it’s also harming them. According to, Donna Rice from the New York Times, pornography images is either displayed on televisions, magazines, and even movies. Moreover an effective way of learning is by seeing. The children, by constantly seeing or watching such inappropriate sexual images may be highly influenced and may start to practice such pornographic acts which may engage them into early sexual activities and may also cause early pregnancies and above all, dropped out of school and not able to achieve the American dream.
  2. Besides the teens, women are also psychologically affected by pornographic images. Most of them are unhappy as they see the naked parts of other women exposed which may also affect their personality in society. Women with low self esteem they may not be attractive to their husbands causing them to undergo plastic surgery so as to make them look good. Every year, 1.1 million couples get divorced in American. Pornography may be the cause of such a problem. Men who see these inappropriate images of other women may not be happy about such images and will not show interest for such women in a decent society.
  3. Many people argue that sex should be only shared by a man and woman who are marriage. They also believe, according to the Bible, God’s gift to human beings is sex and it should be shared between a man and woman and pornography destroys it. Pornography has ruined many people’s lives over the years especially the teenagers. There are many people who are into pornography and are negatively affecting their lives. For instance pornography is influencing the lives of people to an extent that they become rapist, sex abusers, and may kill in some cases just to have sex.

In view of the above pornographic activities should be banned to enhance good ethic behavior in the lives of the growing teenagers; this will help them achieve their American dream as they grow to achieve their careers. In addition parents of teenagers should constantly monitor their children, what they watch on TV, the types of books they read and especially the environment in which they find themselves.