How consumption of fast food & large sodas affect our health.
Types of fast food; where it is available; why people are tempted.
Easy access to fast food and sodas than of other foods.
Under which circumstance leads people to eat fast food
How it full fills our hunger and how people get addicted to it so easily.
What are the preventions measures and steps we can take to avoid high consumption of fast food & soda.

Main Point 1
Most of the time due to lack of time and busy lifestyle, many people tend to grab anything that they would find in a fast food restaurant.
Many People who has multiple responsibilities and who does not have time to spare to make a home cooked meal or people who are engaging in 2 jobs and going to school do intake fast food.
  • It is Fast and available at most locations near us.
  • It is cheap and mouth watering.
  • It is good value for money.
  • It fulfills our hunger.

Main Point 2
  • According to R Rosenheck, fast food tent to be energy dense and, poor lack in nutrition’s, lower fiber, high in sodium and excessive in portion size, causing many people to exceed their daily energy requirement. Thus, contributing to an escalating the rates of overweight and obesity in the USA.
  • According to the bestseller fast food nation, the U.S has the highest obesity rate of any industrialized nation in the world. More than ½ of American adults and ¼ of American children are now classified as obese or overweight. Six million being morbidly obese, that’s mean weight over 100 pounds than normal weight should be.
  • In 1969 McDonald’s had 1000 restaurants and today they have opened 30,000 and every year they are opening brand new 2000 more restaurants. That is just one fast food chain, there are other chains out there; the problem with this fast food restaurant is that they are using marketing strategies to target

Main point 3
  • I Research about fast food and how it effect Obesity and heart disease, and I also research the things that you can do to prevent it and also eat fast food sometimes not as often.
Today I like to give you information on how excessive fast food increases obesity and cardiovascular diseases risk and how exercise, playing sports and small portion size meals will decrease these risks.

Prevention measures and government intervention.

Mayor Bloomberg’s strategy to Ban Large Sugary drinks!
  • It may not be the best intervention; since it was not approved by the supreme court, but you get the picture!
Although, his approach to rectify the issue of Obesity by reducing the sugary drink size failed; some of us who are sensible enough learned the consequences of excessive consumption of sugary drinks and fast food would lead to Obesity and health problems.
In my opinion, What the mayor would have done differently was to educate people and provide the hand of choice instead of hand of force: By putting out billboards about the effects of sodas and fast-food that causes various health issues and frequent advertisements and announcements to people; so, that they would adopt the healthy lifestyle e.

  • The food and drug administration should change the way we advertise to our children. First using a clown to advertise – fat, grease and sugar is misleading. They should band all sorts of advertisements pasted on public school walls and institutes.

What we can do:
  • Exercise and physical activity have been found to help reduce the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • According to Tracy Ellen, playing in sport team is beneficial for health as well as playing individual sport, but you have to be active to be healthy, you cannot just stay idle and expected to be healthy.
  • Small portion size meals definitely help to reduce risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.
  • So decreasing obesity and cardiovascular diseases can be done by, reducing how many times you eat fast food, by exercising and getting more physical activities and also by reducing the portion sizes when you do eat fast food.