Rosarina Garcia
The Infamous “Hookah”

  1. I. Introduction
  2. A. What is Hookah?
  3. B. Hookah is used for socializing at local public places however, it is harmful
  4. C. I am a big fan of hookah myself and was always curious about where it came from and if it is actually bad for you

  1. II. Body
  2. A. Origins of hookah
    1. 1. Unclear history about where it exactly comes from
    2. 2. Growing Popularity
  3. B. How to make hookah?
  4. C. Is it harmful?
    1. 1. Hookah myths
    2. 2. Comparison to cigarettes
    3. 3. Is it harmful/addictive ?

  1. III. Conclusion
  2. A. One hookah pipe a day averages to 15 cigarettes a day.


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