Drinking & Driving

Nicole Koppen
Choose Your Ride – Don’t Drink & Drive
  1. Introduction
  2. Story about the drunk driving accident : “Novemeber 30th 2008 is a night I’ll never forget.
  3. Don’t drink & drive
  4. I was in the accident
  5. Body
  6. Taking a life or changing someone’s life drastically – the accident
  7. Eric in a coma, surgeries, hip replacements, pt to learn to walk
  8. Jay died on impact
  9. Person behind the wheel – Perci Esquivel
  10. Info about him and his DWI convictions
  11. The results of the court dates and his sentencing
  12. $$ amount of a DWI conviction
  13. Jail time
  14. Court fees, mandated reactions
  15. Conclusion
  16. $$ amounts difference between cab ride and DWI offense / emotional results –
  17. I ask you to choose your ride New York. ( show picture of half a cop car and half a taxi)
modification od DWI guildelines – Office of The District Attourney Nassau County