Ariel Dominguez

  1. I. Introduction
  2. A. Attention Getter

Things i feel like people should know about area 51 is that it is something more like top secret

  1. B. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point

people should look more into area 51 because there is many things we should know about this military base installation

  1. C. Credibility Statement
I believe in the simple fact that there is so many things in this world that we might not know of so many cures for every diseases, I also believe in UFOS
Dominique : I like your credibility statement, maybe you could've worked a little more on your attention getter.
  1. D. Relevance Statement (optional)
  2. E. Review Main Points (optional)

  1. II. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
  2. A. There is so many secrets that we dont know because the government is not trying to let us know about these creations the cures the others and more .
    1. 1. People should be more alert and should look more into Area 51.
    2. 2. Theres many things such as UFOS ,

  1. B. Benefits of Area 51

    1. 1. if people were to pass the limit u will b followed and stopped by man in a camouflage uniform with m-16s

    2. 2. everyone who works inside area 51 is not to talk about whats inside , it also a no flying zone
    3. Dominique: Are these really the benefits of Area 51 or what happens there
  2. C. Pros and cons of Area 51
    1. 1. Compare and contrast of the pros and cons
    2. 2. They have many cures for all type of diseases such as HIV . they keep things to themselves they know whats going to happen

  1. III. Conclusion
  2. A. Review Main Points (optional)
  3. B. Clincher
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Dominique : I like your outline overall. I think you did a good job.



wikipedia - Area 51
youtube - ufos
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