Dominique Djedjro
The Chocolate Diet
I. Introduction
A. Attention Getter
Short Video (approximately 30 seconds) of different people explaining why it is hard for them to follow a diet.

B. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point
It is important not to completely ban whatever we like (that we qualify as unhealthy) when going on a diet. (E.g. Ice cream and chocolate)

C. Credibility Statement
I am a chocolate lover and in the past I couldn’t keep up with the other diets. Then, I found this diet and it worked.

D. Relevance Statement (optional)
E. Review Main Points (optional)

II. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
A. About the Diet: Help breaking your chocolate addiction and lose 7 pounds in two weeks
1. Explain that including chocolate in the diet decreases the amount of craving.
2. Testimonies of people who tried the diet.

B. Benefits of chocolate
1. Examples of the different benefits that chocolate have.
2. Statistics of people who eat regularly chocolate and those who don’t.

C. Pros and cons of the diet
1. Compare and contrast of the pros and cons
2. Provide examples and explanations for each points

III. Conclusion
A. Review Main Points (optional)
B. Clincher
Share a citation: “One chocolate a day keeps the doctor Away”

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