Is Spanking Children Okay?


A.Attention Getter

Short Video (approximately 30 seconds) of a rude child.

B.Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point

There is an efficient way to discipline children which is spanking.
C.Credibility Statement

During my childhood, I have been spanked myself (moderately) when I was crossing the line with my parents and I believe it was the right way to put be back on the right track

D.Relevance Statement (optional)

E.Review Main Points (optional)

II.Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)

A. Personal Observations
1. Testimony about the disrespectful friends and the respectful ones

B.Definition of spanking

1. Where is it more spread in the US? ( show statistics)

2. Unpopularity of spanking ( show statistics)

C.Moderate spanking VS Severe, spanking

1. Compare and contrast of the two methods

2. Provide examples and explanations for each points

D. Counterargument about what people say about spanking having a mental effect of children later on


A.Review Main Points (optional)


Us parents are in charge to discipline children because their behavior reflect who we are. It is then important to be portrayed as a model and to avoid being in the situation the lady from the video was.