Astrid Chaguendo
ASAP is The Way

  1. ASAP stands for "Accelerated Study in Associate Program." It's a fun and exciting experience to be apart of and will give you more opportunities than a regular student at LAGCC.
  2. Attention Getter
The ASAP program is a life changer and will have you appreciating your education more than ever.
  1. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point
The ASAP program has guided many Laguardia CC incoming freshman’s to have a good head start in college, financially and also academically.

  1. Credibility Statement
Laguardia CC ASAP program has been available for many years and is growing stronger each year, in terms of population.
  1. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
  2. The ASAP program at LaGuardia has been the most successful program in terms of helping students graduate faster and helping them with financial crisis.
    1. If your eligible for FASFA, ASAP will help pay the remaining balance that Financial Aid doesn’t cover.
    2. ASAP also helps you commute to the campus without having to worry about spending your money on transportation, THEY GIVE METRO CARDS!
  3. ASAP also requires their students to reach out for academic help, even if it’s not needed.
    1. The ASAP program have their own tutoring lab that students can facilitate whenever they need help with any challenging work.
    2. ANOTHER BONUS! ASAP gives book vouchers to all their students, so you wont need to pay for that either!
  4. So did you think you could get all of this without having to do anything in return?
    1. ASAP require signatures from all of your professors every 3 weeks to see your progress
    2. You would also need the tutoring log in sheet to assure that the students are attending tutoring or even showing up to the lab to do work at least 2 hours a week.

  1. Conclusion
Clincher- I guarantee you the best experience through this program. ASAP helps you network much more and lay off all your financial and academic worries.

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