Group Persuasive Speech for the Evolution Theory

Evolve your mind!

I. Intro/Attention Getter (Andre Marin)
  • Relate audience by showing statistics on Americans’ view of the debate between Creationism and Evolution theories
  • Explain why Creationism is so strong in America
  • Mention the different topics that will be discussed

II. Arguments
A. Darwinism
  1. Who was Charles Darwin
  2. What does he say about Evolution
  3. What did he do on the Galapagos was finches
B. Archeology
  1. What are dinosaurs
  2. What is an Archeopteryx, bird or dinosaur or both
  3. Explain why whales, dolphins and snakes have feet like appendages under their skin
  4. The evolution of the horse

III. Competing Counter Argument
(Bible/Creationism or why “aren’t we” seeing evolution happen right now? (=but we are as seen in weeds and insects forming resistances, new diseases, height and penis size intergenerationally increasing, etc))

IV. Recap

V. Conclusion