Comments - Jelissa Ayala:

body is very well thought out.
complete outline informative and doesn't leave me hanging.
definitely a concern for all students.

College Tuition Concerns

  1. I. Introduction
  2. A. To whom or what is our College tuition going to.
  3. B. Why is it important for students to pay certain fees within their College tuition?
  4. C. All students have to pay some amount of money for their school classes by cash or government funding.
  5. D. School tuition is very important towards a school institution in many ways.
  6. E. What is the main purpose that school tuition payments serves towards an institution?

  1. II. Body
  2. A. Main Point 1
    1. 1. College Tuition is a necessity to any Institution.
    2. 2. It helps pay off many of a Colleges needs in order to continue its process
  3. B. Main Point 2
    1. 1. Teachers are also paid through tuition money from students
    2. 2. Does the government help out institutions in any way possible to keep them running.
  4. C. Main Point 3
    1. 1. How are College tuitions evaluated in New York to determine the students’ average payment per credit?
    2. 2. Are teachers’ givens any bonuses from high Tuition accumulations?
  5. III. Conclusion
  6. A. Review Main Points (optional)
  7. B. College tuition is not an optional payment for a student but, it is mandatory payment in order to attend classes at any college in America.