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Aluceny Berete
Varsity athletics at LaGuardia community college

Are you a baller? Would you like to be a part of the team well I’m going to tell you how to be a part of history; lagcc 1st ever varsity team. I’m going to inform you on the rules of being on the team and staying on the team.

  1. Team match up
    1. Division , region and county coverage
    2. Season duration date and tryout dates
    3. Team name

  1. Event crew
    1. Score keeper
    2. Cheerleading/step team, mc/dj, sales of memorabilia
    3. Sports media specialist, web design, articles and video report

  1. Rules
    1. GPA
    2. Credits eligibility
    3. Mandatory study hours
    4. International student
    5. Work out hours

  1. Out with the old
    1. furnishing ( benches, scoreboard, court)
    2. experiment coaches
    3. equipment

  1. review main points
  2. advise on coming to tryout
  3. the school cant do it without its students help

persuasive speech

Gun control

Intro: As we all know there is a huge problem when it comes to guns and mass shooting. I don’t believe the problem with gun control is getting rid of guns all together. There are many places on earth where guns are easily available and the have no problem as far as mass shooting. Owning a gun is a legal right in America and protected by the constitution. I believe by making a change in laws with gun users, requiring a deeper look at mental record, and controlling the accessibility of the types of guns we can own will reduce the chances of mass shooting.

I. The mental history of gun owners

a. Lack of medical record check has a link with some of the people who seem to randomly go out and go on a shooting spree.

b. Seung hui cho from Virginia tech

c. Adam Lanza shooter of Newtown

II. Accessibility of guns

a. Guns are to easy to get and just about anyone can get military like guns (m 16, ak47)

b. The past shooting the shooters had ease in accessing guns ( eBay, home ,gun shows)

III. Laws that may help control of guns

a. Gun owner Data base that map out gun owners

b. The Types of guns that can be own

c. Mental test for all gun owners to insure safely


a. Review points on gun control

b. Rap up with statistics