Free to choose who we love!
  1. I. Intro to Sexual Opression
Do we have the right to tell someone who or what they can or cannot love? I think not.
  1. II. Background of Sexual Opression
A) History of Homosexuality
  1. 1. Greek, Nordic, Asiatic and African hobby
  2. 2. Enemy of the Bible, church and State
  3. 3. The “Gay” Spring and Freedom
B) Other Sicknesses turning to Sexualities

  1. III. The Tradition and Mythologies of Sex with Animals
A) The Greeks
B) The Norse
C) The Eastern Europeans
D) The Irish
E) The Fantasy of “Giving Consent”

  1. IV. Influential Speakers
A) Peter Singer (The Philosopher)
B) PETA’s Ingrid Newkirk (The Advocate)
C) Hani Miletski (The Therapist)
D) Jacob M. Appel (The Writer)
E) Carl Person (The Politician)
F) Danish Animal Ethics Counsel Report

  1. V. The Reality
A) The Current Legal System
B) “Bestiality” Statistics
C) The Persecution and Oppression
D) The Places that Permit it
E) Animals Raping People

  1. VI. The Conclusion